Your Most Important Wedding Investment

When you’re planning your wedding, there are a LOT of things that you’re spending money on. Besides the obvious expenses like the venue, food, and dress, you also have other costs that add up, like lodging for family members and decorations. However, I would argue that if there’s one thing that you can and should splurge on for your wedding day-

it’s photography and/or videography.

first dance

One of my favorite photos <3


Ok, I know what you’re thinking,”Duh you’re going to say that- you’re a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER!”

Hear me out, people.

There are many things that you pay for on your wedding day that simply will not last. The venue that you choose will only be yours for a few hours. The cake that you picked after so meticulously taste-testing every other cake the baker had will be gone with the stroke of a knife. The decorations will likely be used once, and then either recycled or re-sold for someone else’s special day.

In all, most of the things you pay for on your wedding day only last that long- one day. 

However, the one thing that will last the rest of your married life is your photos. Heck, they will likely be around even after you are gone. Your wedding photos will be the ones that your great-great-grandkids will pull out while they’re floating around the earth on some high-tech space-station going,”Woah, look at this picture! Can you believe how old fashioned they were then!”

Ok, so there may not be a space-station, but you get the point. Your wedding photos may very well outlast you, so don’t you want to make sure they’re amazing?

Another reason why splurging on a photographer (and especially videographer) is important is that (and every bride ever will agree with me on this one)- YOUR WEDDING DAY WILL BE A TOTAL BLUR. 

courthouse wedding

He was having trouble getting the rings on! A small memory well-captured in this photo.


You will have been planning for so long that it seem like the actual day should last longer, but honestly it will be a complete and total whirlwind of family, friends, and joy. You will look back and not remember at least half of the details that you so painstakingly planned out. You’ll remember some things that had sentimental value, like that you wore your mother’s veil, but you might not remember how ridiculous Uncle Bob looked trying to do the Macarena, or that totally inappropriate joke that your brother made during the toasts. You might also forget just how much fun everyone had at your exit because you were busy trying to get to the car without ruining your dress (and probably thinking about the honeymoon suite that awaited you). It’s these smaller details that are incredibly special, but that you may not remember because you were too busy being happy about something else.

There is too much going on during your ceremony and reception for you to try and soak it all in and keep it mentally locked away. That’s what photos and video are for.

Again, maybe I’m biased, but I know that if I didn’t have the video footage and photos I’ve got from my wedding day, I would have forgotten all about how my husband was dancing with his groomsmen to “Call Me Maybe”, or just how wonderfully my friends decorated the hall that I was completely inept at coming up with ideas for.


wedding decor

My friends made this table so beautiful! I didn’t have a chance to really soak it in at the reception, so having these photos to look back on is awesome!


I’ve been a bride, so I KNOW how valuable my photos and video of my wedding day are. However, for someone who is getting married for the first time, they may be thinking about skimping on a photographer and/or videographer. If you’re thinking about doing so, my advice is don’t. I don’t say that as a photographer, but as a fellow human being who wants to make sure another human being has the most awesome wedding day ever- and can remember it too. If you skimp on the photography/videography, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll regret it. However, if you make the investment in your memories, it’s unlikely that you’ll look back and think “Man, I wish I had spent $300 less on those photos.” You can always earn back money that you spend, but you can’t get back the moments that could have been captured (or captured better) on your wedding day.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jon & Lindsay’s Engagement Shoot

Hi all! Can you believe that spring is FINALLY here?! It’s hard to believe that just about a month ago we took these photos and there was still snow on the ground. Spring is my favorite season (besides fall) because I love seeing everything come back to life after being dead all winter long. Despite the snow still being around, we got some great photos of Jon and Lindsay!

Jon is a friend of ours from airsoft, so when he and Lindsay asked me to photograph their wedding, I was thrilled! I always include an engagement shoot in the Sassafras Wedding Experience because I want to get to know my couples, or get to know them better if we’re already friends. The engagement shoot also allows me to teach the couple some poses that will also be used on the wedding day. We become comfortable with each other, which makes for a WAY less stressful wedding day! We took these photos at Silver Creek Metro Park in Barberton. I had no idea this place existed, but it’s gorgeous. I think Adam and I will have to go in the summer and do some hiking! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot. We had so much fun and I can’t wait to see what the wedding day holds!



Isn’t her ring GORGEOUS?

IMG_0594 IMG_0542 IMG_0523 IMG_0610 IMG_0683


This might be my favorite. They’re so sweet together!




I had to take time to teach Jon how to dip for this one, but it was so worth it!




Overall it was a super fun shoot! I can only imagine how fun the “big day” is going to be. I know God is going to bless Jon and Lindsay in big ways as they start their new life together.